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Standard Mandarins- 10 kg

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Box  containing 10Kg approx. of clementine mandarin, easy to peel and very sweet. A perfect snack for our children. Enjoy the season and fill them with vitamin C!. To minimize shipping costs adjusting the weight to the carrier brackets, the total weight includes the packing. In the GOLD Box we make a selection of our mandarins, choosing the larger ones.

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What are the properties?
It is a fruit whose major component is water, so it provides less sugar and therefore more calories than other citrus. It is a source of vitamin C, although less than the oranges, and provitamin A, which is converted into vitamin A when it comes to our bodies. Its use promotes intestinal transit and enhances the immune system, making it ideal to raise defenses in times of low temperatures.

How do you keep?
To ensure that the tangerine maintains maximum freshness, we must keep them in a cool dry place or in the fridge, and at a temperature between 3 and 7 ° C.

We use packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council

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