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PrestaShop PrestaShop Recipe with pomegranate, olive oil, oranges and limes

Fruitamina is a family business based in Elche, Alicante(Spain). It is born as an alternative to the purchase of certain products in the traditional market. Our commitment is to take to your home our products direct from our groves in a brief time while retaining their quality, taste, vitamins, fragrances and freshness. Our products stand out for its large vitamin natural, especially recommended to prevent certain diseases or to strengthen the human immune system in times that our defenses are lower.

In our fields we grow oranges, lemons, limes, mandarins, pomegranates, melons and watermelons in a traditional way. Our commitment is to collect them from our grove and immediately deliver them to your table in a short time without adding post-harvest treatment and without keeping them in fridges waiting for delivery. So simple, so easy, and so natural!!

Our fruit is tree matured. We do not pick them up before the optimum mature point and keep them on the fridge. That is the reason why we only offer our products at their season.

We also want to provide with our selected olive oil. We distribute pure olive oil produced without any mixtures. We offer olive oil virgen extra which is the top among olive oil. You will enjoy a different flavor and taste that will be willing to add to your salads and dishes at any time.



From our experience living for years outside our homes, we have always appreciated the flavor and taste of the Mediterranean products.  We want to take those next to you so you can feel at home. Our aim is for you to enjoy those products in your making it easy without the inconvenience for you of carrying weight from the market.

Making your own fresh orange juice with our Mediterranean products or tasting olive oil in your lunches and dinners ...  is and experience that you will never forget!




We use packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council

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