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PrestaShop PrestaShop Recipe with pomegranate, olive oil, oranges and limes

Fruitamina’s orchard is located inElche(Alicante), a city of over 200,000 inhabitants that is well known for owning two world heritage sites by UNESCO:Elche’s palm grove and the sacred representation of the Mystery of Elche. There a more than twenty rural areas around the city where the agricultural activity is very important. Due to the exceptional weather conditions in this area, with mild temperatures and sunny days,  the products grown here have flavor and taste that make them unique among the others.

Pomegranate is the star, with a variety that is unique from this area and much appreciated worldwide.

There is our orchard, where our products are grown. We take care of our trees by mixing traditional cropping with an advanced drip irrigation system, ensuring that the product reaches the best quality and condition for consumption.



Through our web site and our online shop we want to offer you the best way to eat fresh and healthy fruit. Our process guarantees a completely natural fruit at your table. It is very simple… just make your order and as soon as we will get it we will collect the product, put them in the box and your order will be shipped to you immediately. The shipping company we will deliver it to you address in a very short time. No post-harvest chemical treatments and no fridge storages in the warehouse are guarantee of top quality. You will get them direct from the tree to your table.


We use packaging certified by the Forest Stewardship Council

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