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PrestaShop PrestaShop Recipe with pomegranate, olive oil, oranges and limes

What is the difference between the product you buy in the market and our products?
A lot. The products you buy in the market have been collected from the trees for several days. Once collected from the tree they are stored in fridges and treated with post-harvest treatments for lasting longer until they are sold and shipped to markets and / or large areas… and from there to the final consumer. They have to be collected before mature to last such a period of time.
Products purchased in FRUITAMINA are collected when ordered. You place the order and we collect from the tree ONLY the amount of your order, so that we never keep product on the fridge. Once collected the shipment is immediate so you can enjoy them as soon as possible. Healthy, fresh and completely natural. 

What is the difference between the orange for "juice" and oranges for "table"?
Both, oranges for juice and oranges for table come from the same tree and thus have the same taste, flavor and properties. The only difference is in appearance.Oranges with a bigger size and cleaner skin are used to "table" while the rest are for "juice."

 How can I keep the products?
All products in our shop can be kept for several days, even weeks, at room temperature without losing its natural qualities and properties. However, if you prefer you can keep them in the fridge where they will last for more than a month.

 How can I keep the olive oil?
In order not to lose the flavor and taste we recommend keeping the olive oil away from heat and light and near to cool and dark areas (do not place in the fridge). Unlike wine, olive oil qualities do not improve over time, on the contrary, worsens. Your taste will be better during the first year, especially during the first months, but storing the product under appropriate conditions (in a cool, dry and safe area) and in an appropriate container, olive oil can last years. Under some circumstances and if temperature is below zero, olive oil can frozen. If that case white spots might appear in the olive oil. Do not worry that means that olive oil is of exceptional quality!!! And you can keep using it as usual……

 How do I receive my order?
Orders are shipped and delivered by a courier messenger. By leaving your phone number written down, the carrier will contact you to finalize the delivery in case you are not at home. Once the package has been delivered, please verify that it is correct. For retunes, please check the return policy. (poner el link aki)

 Do I have to pay to the carrier?
No. The shipment of the selected product has already been paid in full when you make the purchase in our store. So you do not have to pay anything to the carrier.

Can I return my order?
See our returns policy


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